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RCAS Scheduler is your one stop shop to request academic assistance. Whether you need help with physics, calculus, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, Java, SolidWorks, or assistance with your writing, we are here to help (we cover almost all freshman and sophomore level courses). Once you fill out your availability and select the course you would like tutoring for, a qualified RCAS tutor will be available to support you. Your tutoring request should take no more than one business day to get scheduled. All tutoring sessions will be held in the RCAS lounge found on the 2nd floor of the library building. Thank you for being proactive in your learning and utilizing RCAS tutoring.


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Development Team

This web application was a project developed in Dr. Hasker's 2015–2016 Software Development Lab by Team Juicy Tutors: Juicy Tutor Logo

  • Tony Fay
  • Austin Hartline
  • Jordan Longato
  • Matthew Mahnke

Continued development was done as a project in Dr. Dennis' 2016-2017 Software Development Lab by Team Legendary Thunder Chicken Samurai: Legendary Thunder Chicken Samurai Logo

  • Riley Byrnes
  • Jacob Gralinski
  • Aaron Helmers
  • Josh Peters

This project was picked up in Dr. Hasker's 2019-2020 Software Development Lab by:

  • William Dennis
  • Isaiah Zupke
  • Bailey McDaniel
  • Angad Singh
  • Isaac Ballone

This project was picked up and continued in Dr. Yoder's 2021-2022 Software Development Lab by Team

The Knights Who Say NIL: Knights Who Say Nil Logo

  • Austin Boley
  • Sam Kluck
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Ryan Alexander
  • Courbin Kettenhofen

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